First Drone prototype

I have soldered most of the parts on the proto board and took some pictures. I also designed the schematic in Eagle CAD so I can keep track of what will be connected to where. Then I’ll start making connections with thin wrapping wire (lots of work!!!) and hopefully I’ll finish without a headache. The good part is I can change the connections as needed. After the prototype will be tested, a proper PCB will be made and sent to the fabhouse. Until then, here are the pictures:

And the schematic:


About Gabriel (Ro-Bot-X)

Robots, nature, bees, and gardening, how do they mix together? After too much indoor activities one needs to get out and breathe! Harvest natural energy and create a little paradise. And ask the robots to help, of course.
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One Response to First Drone prototype

  1. Canabots says:

    Whoa! It’s looking great!
    I assume the antennae are going to be located around the front IR sensors?

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