The new boards are here!

I got the second revision of the boards in the mail yesterday. They are looking nice! I’m going to have boards and kits for sale next week!

What’s new for the Robot Builder’s Shield:

  • filtering capacitors near the connectors
  • reset button
  • On/Off switch
  • jumper to pass the power to the Arduino board
  • prototyping area
  • doubled the shield pins with regular spacing

I soldered a shield to make assembly instructions, here it is:

What’s new for the µBotino:

  • choice for crystal and caps or ceramic resonator
  • proper silk screen markings to the analog pins

And of course, they are Yellow!


About Gabriel (Ro-Bot-X)

Robots, nature, bees, and gardening, how do they mix together? After too much indoor activities one needs to get out and breathe! Harvest natural energy and create a little paradise. And ask the robots to help, of course.
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