Building the uBipedino robots and preparing for the game

After a long waiting for parts and a bit of a depression  I got back on my feet and started to build a few µBipedino robots to see if they work fine and to improve the programming before I start to sell the kits. I took lots of pictures while soldering the electronics and assembling the robot and now I have to write the manual. But since the robots are maneuverable enough and I have 2 colors already, I decided to resuscitate the LMR Online Soccer Game that got axed because of poor maneuverability of the Mini Bipeds.

What is this game? Well, it’s a game of Football (soccer as some of you might call it) played by the µBipedino robots. There will be 6 robots in the field, 3 in each team, all controlled remotely through internet by different users. The users will use a software called MyRobotLab to connect to the game and will see a bird view of the field and will be able to move their robot around, kick the ball and control some special effects actions. The game will be televised on uStream from a panning camera and hopefully will be commented.

So, I started to build a field for the game and I assembled 3 robots, with 3 more to do. The field needs painting and the robots need to have the wires tucked in and numbers displayed that will be visible from above and from the sides.

Here are some sneak preview pictures of the field and the robots:

So, what do you think? Will this game be worth watching or playing?

About Gabriel (Ro-Bot-X)

Robots, nature, bees, and gardening, how do they mix together? After too much indoor activities one needs to get out and breathe! Harvest natural energy and create a little paradise. And ask the robots to help, of course.
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1 Response to Building the uBipedino robots and preparing for the game

  1. Alex K says:

    It looks to me that this project could be very interesting! I’ll certainly keep an eye on it! 😀

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