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Robots, nature, bees, and gardening, how do they mix together? After too much indoor activities one needs to get out and breathe! Harvest natural energy and create a little paradise. And ask the robots to help, of course.

The beginning of the User Interface

My friend GroG from MRL is working on a simple User Interface for the game, so it doesn’t take a computer science degree to play the game, hehe.  It uses HTML & Ajax + JSON calls to the MRL server, … Continue reading

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Football Robots

The robots are preparing! A new team member has been recruited and they got numbers. Little by little, the code is being polished. The training has started, they were even thinking to play with the Easter Egg: But the Ball is their … Continue reading

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Building the uBipedino robots and preparing for the game

After a long waiting for parts and a bit of a depression  I got back on my feet and started to build a few µBipedino robots to see if they work fine and to improve the programming before I start to sell the … Continue reading

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2011 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog. Here’s an excerpt: The concert hall at the Syndey Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 12,000 times in 2011. If it were a … Continue reading

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The µBipedino(TM) robot kit

A couple of weeks ago I saw a nice video of kids playing with a tiny biped robot made by Easybotics. I contacted the owner and asked if I could create a similar robot based on an ATmega328 microcontroller that … Continue reading

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The Robot Builder’s R-duino V2

I finally got the boards in my hands and soldered and tested one board. It works as it is supposed to, but still has little things I want to fix in the next revision. Here are some pictures: Highlights: ATmega328P … Continue reading

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Using RCX Lego sensors with Arduino

Looking at what search terms people used to get to my blog, I found that people are looking to find a way to use old Lego sensors (from the RIS kit) with Arduino. It is very simple. 1. Hardware. You … Continue reading

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Wrong use of Arduino name

I was told that the Arduino name is trademarked so I can’t use it without paying a license and have the written approval from the Arduino team. I mistakenly thought that if the word Arduino is used in conjunction with … Continue reading

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The RBA kit is in the store!

I finally had time to finish up the assembly guide for the RBA kit. Phew! One big observation: the first batch of 10 boards have the Tx and Rx pins not swapped, so if you plug in the FTDI cable … Continue reading

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The Robot Builder’s R-duino

I’ve been asked, even though there are plenty of similar products out there, to make a board that combines the Robot Builder’s Shield with the Arduino. Make it the same footprint as a regular Arduino board, but keep the same … Continue reading

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