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The Robot Builder’s R-duino V2

I finally got the boards in my hands and soldered and tested one board. It works as it is supposed to, but still has little things I want to fix in the next revision. Here are some pictures: Highlights: ATmega328P … Continue reading

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The Robot Builder’s R-duino

I’ve been asked, even though there are plenty of similar products out there, to make a board that combines the Robot Builder’s Shield with the Arduino. Make it the same footprint as a regular Arduino board, but keep the same … Continue reading

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Version 3 of the boards and kits is in the store!

After a few days of hard work, taking pictures and writing the new assembly and usage guides, a bit of testing and adapting the code for the new features of the RBS, the products are in the store. Now I … Continue reading

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The new boards are in!

I have received today the third version of the Robot Builder’s Shield and the µBotino controller from PCBcart. They look as good as the second version and so far I did not discovered any mistakes (silk screen related or miss placed … Continue reading

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Almost out of stock!

I have only 1 RBS v2 in stock and 3 µBotino v2. I have ordered new boards, but it will take about a month to get here from China. But the new boards will have some improvements: The Robot Builder’s Shield … Continue reading

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uServotino robot controller

I made a new robot controller, called the µServotino, that allows a user to build a legged robot that uses up to 12 hobby servos. Features: 12 servo connectors, with power directly from the battery, digital pins D2-D13; 6 sensor … Continue reading

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Balancing Octobot

I wanted to try out if a regular robot design would balance, so I adapted Octobot for balancing. Octobot is a small robot with an octagonal acrylic chassis, 2 small metal geared motors, an Arduino Duemilanove and a Robot Builder’s Shield with … Continue reading

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Make your own “FTDI cable” for about $5.

I read on the Arduino forum about using cheap Nokia data cables as a compatible “FTDI cable”. I decided to have a look and started to shop around for a compatible cable. The best candidate seems to be the CA-42 … Continue reading

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The webstore is now Open!

My webstore is now open to the public! After a couple of months of hard work, I finally have my store ready for opening. Just in time for Christmas shopping! You can get the PCBs and the Kits for the … Continue reading

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Documentation for the RBS and uBotino

I finally wrote the Assembly Guides for the new boards, you can get them from here: 1. The Robot Builder’s Shield assembly guide. 2. The µBotino Microcontroller board assembly guide.

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