I think I built 2 or 3 maze robots, but only one was working wood enough to get to finish by following the wall. I even built a line maze robot that didn’t work at all. Oh, the logic was good, but the sensors were unreliable. Or the part of the code that would identify the intersections wasn’t good enough. I don’t have pictures of these robots. I didn’t take pictures of faulty robots. Too bad.


This was a mechanical one motor maze robot. Just a motor and a battery box. No sensors, no RCX. I was inspired by a robot from Mario Ferrari’s book. That robot had 2 motors, so I wanted to see if I can get rid of one and i succeeded. Of course, Steve Hassenplug had to simplify the design and make it a little faster… But I still got the third place at BrickFest 2003 (just for entering the contest… as Steve had a couple of blazing fast robots and no one wanted to compete with that). Oh, Steve’s mechanical robot got tangled in an outside corner, but mine got to the finish.

2 Responses to Maze

  1. maryam says:

    i’d like make a maze robat and i nedd maze algorithm code in c. plz help me, thank u.

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