Stair climbing

This challenge was about building a robot able to climb up 5 stairs and then go back down. The steps were built like a regular staircase, except they did not had that bull nose. But they were 7 inch high, 7 inch depth and 2 feet wide. Lego robots are small compared to a fight of stairs like that. Hard to make a rover type robot to actually climb them. So, I tied to make something like a jack to lift the robot, but it would get unbalanced and the robot would fall. Then I tried 2 jacks, to keep the robot balanced. This time it worked properly. Unfortunately I don’t have many pictures of it. I recorded a video at the competition, but I erased it by mistake… There were 3 robots at the competition, one that wasn’t completed and one that could only go up but not back down. So, my robot won (no trophy this time).

And here are the other 2 robots:

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